Journey into “Craft Over Art” (An Individual Apprenticeship Pattern)

On this Software Development Capstone journey part of my assignment is to choose 10 Individual Apprenticeship Patterns out of 35 patterns among Chapters 2-6 from the book Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsmanby Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshineye. For my tenth and final individual Apprenticeship pattern I decided to blog about “Craft Over Art” pattern.


The pattern “Craft over Art” is the idea of choosing the craft of programming and making thing functional. Rather than choosing art of programming and making the program look beautiful but not so functional for the customer. Even though you may find an opportunity taking your customer problem and making something nice that will impress your coworkers, it is best that you put the customer needs before your own selfish wants or needs. When it comes to dealing with customer your goal should always be choosing creating a functional valuable product, rather than something else that only advance your own self interest. When dealing with customers it is more important to choose the craft of software development rather than feeding that desire to creating something beautiful, yet not truly functional or deliverable in the real world. This pattern is not telling you that things can’t be beautiful it more saying that whatever you build for your customer must be functional and useful, therefore you must be willing to sacrifice beauty over utility. “The more useful a piece of software, the more important it is that the software be high quality. But quality takes time. You will have to work toward a suitable level of quality by repeatedly making trade-offs between beauty and utility.”

My Reaction

This pattern helps you understand the impotence of building “Craft over Art” because it reminds you that creating something useless yet beautiful is not craftsmanship. I agree with this idea because crating a useful software program far more important than a beautiful non-functional one. I found this pattern to be interesting but also useful and thought-provoking. This pattern has definitely changed the way I think about my profession and the way I think, the reason being is that I should always be willing to sacrifice beauty before sacrificing usefulness.

Thank you for your time. This has been YessyMer in the World Of Computer Science, until next time.

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