Journey into Software Architecture and Its Benefits

As I take another step towards my journey in software C.D.A. I dive into Software Architecture and its importance and benefits. For this weeks blog I found a blog named “15 BENEFITS OF SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE” by  Ekaterina Novoseltseva. This blog talks about the benefits of software architecture. I will sum the main points of that blog and what I’ve learned from it.

What is something new I learned from this blog?

From reading the blog “15 benefit of software architecture” I have learned the 15 reason why having software architecture is important. I have also learned that not only its important in a sense it can be considered as the foundation for having a strong software program.

What is Software Architecture? 

The idea of software architecture is that it is considered to be the blueprint for building a software program. Usually the software architecture is the step where deciding what design would be implemented on the software and what each team member would be implementing to the program. “Architecture is an artifact for early analysis to make sure that a design approach will yield an acceptable system. Software architecture dictates technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms.” as stated by Ekaterina Novoseltseva blog.

The following are the 15 Benefits of Software Architecture:

  1. “Solid foundation” – when creating a program or project having a solid foundation is part of the Software Architecture.
  2. “Makes your platform scalable.”
  3. “Increase performance of the platform”
  4. “Reduces cost and avoids code duplicity”
  5. “Implement a vision” – where a software architecture provides the big picture.
  6. “Cost saving” – helps point out areas where money can be saved within a project.
  7. “Code maintainability” – helps programmers be able to maintain the code within a project.
  8. “Enable quicker changes” – able to change program at a fast past as what the program must do changes.
  9. “Increase quality of the platform” – making the software quality incredibility better.
  10. “Helps manage complexity”
  11. “Makes the platform faster.
  12. “Higher adaptability”
  13. “Risk management” – helps reduce the risk or chances of failure.
  14. “Reduces development time.”
  15. “Prioritize conflicting goals”

The list above is the benefits to software architecture. Through the benefits we can see the importance of software architecture. Reading this blog has made me realize that software architecture is a very important step when developing a software system/program. This has been YessyMer in the World Of Computer Science, until next time. Thank you for your time.


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