Journey into Design Pattern a Adapter Pattern Explanation

As I take another step towards my journey in software C.D.A. I dive into Design Pattern, where I will be focusing on one of the patterns known as Adapter pattern. While searching in the internet I ran across a blog called Design Pattern Explained – Adapter Pattern with Code Example by Thorben Janssen.  This blog talks about Adapter Pattern which actually is one of the many Design Pattern type. This topic is chosen because it was one of the pattern talked about in my Software Construction, Design, and Architecture class. Since the blog by Thorben Janssen talks about the topic related to a class discuss topic, I choose this blog to write about it and summarize its content in my blog. The content in the blog is about the Adapter Pattern of Design Pattern. I will give a summary of what the blog was about and what it explained from my point of view and understanding.

According to Thorben Janssen research on Adapter Pattern, there are two different version of it. The type that uses inheritance and the type that uses composition.

What is Adapter pattern?

Also known as wrapper, the Adapter Pattern is a software design patter that allows the interfaces of an existing class to be used as another interface. In software development the adapter pattern has the same concept of those in real life, for example phone adapters.  Meaning adapter patter are similar to phone power adapters in the sense that one adapter can be used with many different USB devices cable. Say your at your friends house and you have an i-phone USB charger cable but no power adapter, and lets say your friend owns an android and only has an android charger. He can unplug is USB android cable from his power adapter and hand you his power adapter for you to use with your USB i-phone cable so you’ll be able to charge your phone. An adapter is convenient because it enables incompatible objects or devices to be used for the same purpose. The adapter pattern is also convenient because it allows you to use existing class or interface by introducing a new class that adapts between classes and interface without changing the existing class that is known as an adapter class.

In the blog “Design Patterns Explained – Adapter Pattern with Code Example” by Thorben Janssen he gives an applied example of the adapter pattern he referrers it as Brewing Coffee. I highly suggest you to click on the title so you can check out the example and see how he implements the adapter. I will end my blog here and let you do your own research on adapter pattern.

Thank you for your time. This has been YessyMer in the World Of Computer Science, until next time.


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